The Green Party in Germany’s state governments

In April 2017, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation published the study German Greens in Coalition Governments, in which I analyze the experiences of the German Green party in state governments. Over the course of 2017 I will work on an updated second edition which will take into account recent changes in state coalitions as well as the likely formation of the so-called Jamaica coalition in Berlin and its implications for the Green Party’s internal coordination structures between the state and federal level. In addition, I am working on a new study which focuses on the impact of the Green party in environmental policy-making.
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Germany Shows It’s Worth Fighting For Energy Democracy

Citizen energy is the big winner. This is the surprising result of Germany’s first auction for onshore wind power. 9 out of 10 successful bids came from citizens and energy cooperatives, not from utilities. The outcome highlights what makes Germany’s energy transition, the Energiewende, unique in an international comparison. Continue Reading